January 18, 2023

How to Drink More Water With These 12 Not-Boring, Easy Drink Recipes

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If you have ADHD, you most likely struggle to drink enough water. Here’s one way to fix that: make it not-boring with these 9 easy water-based drink recipes. Read below for more water tips and tricks!

Why is water important for ADHD?

Our brains are 85% water, and so they depend on adequate water to function well. More specific to ADHD, water promotes the production of the neurotransmitters that are crucial for better executive functioning, specifically dopamine and norepinephrine.

And yet so many of us forget to drink water throughout the day because, well, ADHD.

How to Drink More Water

Here are some quick tips for how you can drink more water:

  1. Make it obvious: Remove the friction of having to get up and get water by keeping a refillable bottle (I love this one) wherever you go. This may mean having multiple bottles, one for the car, one for the gym, one for work, etc.
  2. Make it attractive: One major key is to make water more attractive so that you’ll actually want to drink it. Dopamine-hitting recipes below.
  3. Make it easy: Prep your water ahead of time. That’s kind of a joke because water needs no prep, but you can prep water add-ons! Juice a bunch of lemons ahead of time and freeze them. Keep your pantry stocked with fun water enhancers like LMNT, Organifi, and Kion Aminos.
  4. Make it satisfying: Keep track of your water intake using a habit tracker or water intake tracker. I love the Day Maker template from this ADHD Priority Planner because it allows you to keep track of your water intake right on your daily planner. 

Get Your Drink On! Fun Water Recipes

Here are my go-to water recipes for when I’m feeling unmotivated or bored by plain ole’ water (which is always). Note: When you have ADHD, time is always of the essence. So for the sake of ease and convenience, these are meant to be thrown together, not following an exact recipe. Some measurements are provided, but mostly you can just wing it!

First the cold   

LMNT electrolytes

I will be forever indebted to LMNT for entering the scene. Tastes exactly like gatorade without all the nasty additives.

For me, I use an entire packet of their Citrus Salt (my fave) in a 32 oz water bottle. If you have a smaller water bottle, test it with ⅓ or ½ packet first. 

I actually add ½ packet of the Chocolate Salt to my coffee (I SWEAR it tastes just like hot chocolate). Plus, The electrolytes cancel out the dehydration from the coffee!

You can snag a box on Amazon or if you buy directly from their website, you can choose the bundle to get a 4th box free.

Flavored seltzer

Okay so not super unique, but maybe you haven’t picked up a box of seltzer in a while, here’s your reminder! 

I know, I know, “natural flavors” aren’t the best (there’s a 99% chance it’s actually synthetic flavors), but if it gets me to drink more water, ehhhh I let it slide. Ya gotta live 80/20 right?

For some reason, I get a little hit of dopamine every time I pop one of those bad boys open. Maybe it’s the taste, the bubbles, the can, or the packaging – man those guys are good at packaging – but it always feels like a treat especially when I need a little pick-me-up in the middle of the day. 

Next time you do a Costco run, grab a box or two. It’s wayyy cheaper to buy in bulk! 

Blueberry Fizz

Ingredients: Muddled blueberries + good ole’ Sodastream seltzer. 

If you’re not a fan of the canned stuff, invest in a sodastream and add fun fruits to your drinks like blueberries or strawberries. Or use frozen fruit for natural ice and a sweet snack.

Detox Mocktail

Ingredients: Sparkling water + lemon juice + grated ginger + basil

Make ahead hack: Juice a tonnnnn of lemons then freeze in an ice cube tray. Pop a cube in a glass anytime without all the mess. You can also add the grated ginger and basil to the tray and freeze the whole concoction! Just add sparkling water. 

Lemon Chia Morning elixir. 

Ingredients: Water (warm is best), 1 tsp chia seeds, juice of ½ lemon, pinch of sea salt or Raw Unflavored LMNT

Make it sweet… add 1-2 tsp raw local honey or raw maple syrup

Make it spicy… add a pinch of cayenne pepper or grate ½-1 tsp ginger 

Mix it all together and wait about 5 minutes until the chia seeds get a bit “puffy” and have absorbed the water and salt.

According to several studies, including one from the Faculty of Food Engineering at the University of Campinas in São Paulo, drinking lemon chia water helps to regulate glucose levels, digestive function, and kidney function. It’s also super high in antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, and fiber. 

Kion Aminos

Ingredients: Water + ice + 1 scoop Kion Aminos

I drink water with a scoop of Kion Aminos after every workout to support muscle growth. I swear it’s helped me become more lean and defined with zero added effort. I also sometimes drink it throughout the day for a little boost of energy. I don’t have a favorite flavor because every single one is 10/10. Okay maybe if I had to choose I’d say mango?! 

Organifi Red Juice

Ingredients: water + ice + 1 scoop Organifi Red Juice

Low in sugar (zero calories) and packed with 11 antioxidant-rich superfoods for immune boosting effects

Also has micronutrients, phytonutrients, and polyphenols for repairing our immune system and boosting energy. Plusssss all natural herbs, medicinal mushrooms & berries to enhance immunity. I mean, can you say all-in-one? I give it to my kids, too!

Organifi Pure

Ingredients: water + ice + 1 scoop Organifi Pure

A naturally sweet superfood solution that helps support a clear mind to combat sluggish thinking, low cognitive performance, and brain fatigue. An active ingredient in Organifi Pure has been shown to support healthy BDNF levels. BDNF is a neurotransmitter in the brain that plays an critical role in cognitive health, but declines with age. So we want to promote as much of it as possible through diet and lifestyle.

Now the hot!

Let’s Get Loose (Leaf Tea): 

Okay so tea itself is not a groundbreaking water recipe HOWEVER, my method of preparation is

First of all, if you’re using this thing to make tea, you’re doing it all wrong. 

No matter what, you always end up with tea leaves in your drink and that’s just annoying af and will cause you to never make tea again. 

Try this instead – no more floating tea leaves! 

Just put your leaves in the cone, and place it in a mug. Then pour enough boiling water that the leaves become submerged and let steep. Drain and toss the leaves then rinse the cone. So easy!

Loose leaf tea in bulk is often cheaper than individual packets and you can experiment with double flavor infusions!

My favorite teas are peppermint (energizing), nettle leaf (great for detox), and raw dandelion (amazing for skin).

“Hot Chocolate”

Ingredients: ~1 tbsp cacau powder, Maple syrup to taste, Splash of raw milk (or milk of choice). Optional: add cayenne to make it spicy!

It’s like a warm hug on a cold day.

Cozy Honey Milk Tea

Ingredients: hot water, chamomile flowers (double up for a stronger taste), splash of raw milk, honey. Optional: add a cinnamon stick or ground cinnamon. 

Perfect for a wind-down ritual at the end of the day. 

Golden Turmeric Tea

Ingredients: hot water, ¼ tsp ground turmeric, ¼ teaspoon cinnamon, ¼ tsp ground ginger, ½ tsp vanilla extract (can also sub almond extract), 1 tsp maple syrup (or to taste). Stir in some raw milk or dairy-free milk of choice. Optional: grind of black pepper or dash of cayenne. 

I’m a sucker for all the spices! Fun fact: Any cinnamon will do, but ceylon cinnamon has more antioxidants. 

Add one or two or ten of these in your rotation and I promise you, you’ll be the most hydrated Jenny on the block.

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