Say goodbye to feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list.

let's do this thing

show up as the person you know you can be.

It’s about time you could navigate your ADHD journey and embrace your divergent badassery, without all the stereotypes and limitations that come with it.

This is You, Untamed:
  • You have a life you’re excited about, where your raging ADHD is a unique asset, not a buzzkill. 
  • You trust yourself to make decisions. 
  • Maybe you still scroll a bit too long on Instagram, but it no longer interferes with LIFE. 
  • You don’t feel the need to schedule every minute of the day because you’re crossing off the things that matter to you (see ya later, shoddy “productivity” advice.)

You’re ready for ADHD Untamed to guide you in understanding how your ADHD brain ACTUALLY works and creating new brain patterns. 


You know it’s possible to feel calm and in control no matter what circumstances come up during the day. But how do you get there?

What if you could wake up every day without wondering, “Where the fuck do I even start?”

Stop what you’re doing and ask yourself: how would your life change if you could trust yourself to make decisions? Because right now your avoidance, overthinking, and second-guessing is keeping you stuck in a shame-spiral.

"Okay... where do I start?! Ana really gets it! 

Every time she shares an example I think to myself "is she in my brain!?" I gained such a clear understanding of how my brain works, and therefore why no planner, timer, medication, or system will be effective without first attending to my emotions. Mind blowing, and 1000% worth the value."

- chrissy, parenting coach


Drumroll please:

The most transformative program out there for ambitious raging ADHDers.

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But wait, there’s more!


Thought Work Simplified

INSTANT access to a life changing masterclass + workbook on how to coach your own damn self to better time management. Understand your situations, thoughts, and emotions, so that you can take ACTION that serves you. 


Private ADHD Community + Support

Every single person inside of ADHD Untamed is committed to outing the things they are ashamed of: time blindness, emotional dysregulation, black and white thinking. BECAUSE SHARING IT TAKES THE POWER AWAY. We're committed to finding the data, not the drama.

In between coaching calls, ask questions and get real-time support no matter what deadlines you missed or what mistakes you've made.


Monthly Masterclasses

When you join you get instant access to my masterclasses and workbooks on self-trust and decision making, MONEY, decluttering, unpredictable schedules, and rejection. I add a new masterclass every month and you get to join me live to ask questions.


Weekly Live Coaching Calls with Ana


The ADHD Time Sprint

Learn how to regulate your emotions by gaining awareness of how your thoughts, feelings, and actions drive the results you want (or don't want). It's the fundamental skill for thriving with ADHD. 

Joining ADHD Untamed gets you access to my signature 3-week time management sprint! You get to do it LIVE with us every single cohort as long as you're a member of Untamed! Tackle your to-do list, get actionable tips, and PROVEN results with this 3-week sprint alone.

ADHD Support like you've never had before.

$ 99/month. 
Cancel anytime.

- abby, graphic designer

"Ana thought of all the possible solutions for my challenge until we found one that was realistic and doable according to my ability and schedule."

real results:

"Ana speaks my language of 'why.'"

Working with Ana has been an incredible experience. She speaks my language of "Why." Getting into the challenging topics and asking hard but needed questions allowed me to do the actual work and see things differently. It has taken so much stress from my life to understand my experience and give myself love, grace, and direction (yes, self-direction). Having learned the why, I now understand why all my trials have turned out as they have and that there is a way forward through neuroplasticity!    

- bill, physical therapist, father, & entrepreneur

"I’m walking away with usable tools to better help me accomplish tasks."

Working with Ana and the other members of the cohort gave me an entirely different perspective on ADHD. I’m walking away with usable tools to better help me accomplish tasks. There is so much information out there about ADHD, but its often watered down or summarized and rarely provides practicable guidance. So happy I made the choice to participate!"

- krista, designer and researcher