Best Way to Beat Procrastination: The Warren Buffett Strategy

Investor, philanthropist, and self-made billionaire Warren Buffett (93-time billionaire, to be precise) knows a thing or two about beating procrastination. I’d say anyone who’s figured out how to make “fuck you money” has figured out how to best beat the procrastination trap. So if your goal is to start or monetize a business, or simply […]

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Time Blindness: How To Stop Being So Busy And Start Living Your Life

Have you ever started to do something that you thought would only take five minutes, only to get completely side-tracked for four hours? That, my fast-brained friend, is the very real phenomenon known as “time blindness.” It’s one of the most common symptoms of ADHD and can negatively affect your work, social life, and household […]

Is Clean Coffee Really Necessary?

If you’re like me, you probably LOVE the routine of drinking coffee in the morning, it’s a ritual. The smell of it is just as intoxicating as the taste. But if you struggle with the “aftermath” of coffee — i.e. coffee crash, anxiety, jitters, too much or too little energy, needing to re-fill your cup […]

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First of all, let's give you a virtual high five for showing up for yourself 🙌. Managing ADHD in the digital age ain't easy. 
What no one tells you: you'll never get to all of the things on your to-do list. And that's okay. What's important is that the things you DO get to do will actually move the needle in your life.
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The Priority Planner from Life's Pretty Wild is more than just a daily planner, it's 200+ pages of ADHD-specific templates, organizers, dopamine-inducing exercises, easy-to-follow brain science, and guides to stop time-wasting activities and limiting beliefs.

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