November 16, 2022

The Ultimate Gift Guide For (ADHD) Women

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My number one priority when it comes to gifting is that I want the gift to be thoughtful and I want it to actually be used. There’s nothing worse than spending your money on something that’s just going to collect dust. In this case it’s even more critical because the last thing an ADHD woman needs is more clutter in her home. 

I laughed writing the title of this blog post because it’s honestly so weird, but weirdly specific gift guides are the best kinds of gift guides!! Okay, so, I’m not a proponent of giving someone a gift that is awkwardly, outright saying “you need help.” But these recommendations (coming from an ADHD woman herself) are subtly useful and will be much appreciated by the lady in your life.

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I don’t know about you, but I’m soooo picky when it comes to gifts. I enjoy gifting only when I know the other person is going to love it. Seriously, who wants another boring candle? Or another funny gag gift? Lameeeeee. This is exactly why I love gifting thoughtful and unique consumables. Something she can enjoy on a regular basis or something she can use and actually finish. A nice bottle of wine or a sweet treat are obvious ones, but these ADHD-specific gifts are even better. So without further ado, let’s get to gifting.

The Ultimate Gift Guide For An ADHD Woman

Under $25

tile keychain
Tile keychain — $24

Talk about useful!!! One of the biggest challenges ADHDers face is constantly misplacing things, and always at the most inconvenient times. It’s usually when we’re running late that we can’t seem to find our keys, wallet, phone, purse, etc. You can attach a Tile to just about anything. Your ADHD lady will be eternally grateful. Get the 4-pack on Amazon here.

Loop Earplugs — $19.95

A super handy and useful stocking stuffer for ADHDers, Loop Earplugs offers a ton of different options from fully noise-cancelling to reducing noise levels while still allowing for social interaction. The Quiet plugs turn the volume down by 27 decibles. It helps for focus as well as to manage anxiety.

Kion Coffee — $21.95 (use code LPWkion for 10% off)

If your giftee is a coffee-lover, I highlyyy recommend this brand! Kion third-party tests for mold and mycotoxins, they use only organic beans grown at high altitude, and their decaf is exclusively Swiss Water Process. Plus it tastes AMAZING. I wrote a whole post about it here.

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee — $20

Another beverage option and great gift idea. This one is ideal for the ADHDers who don't like — or are sensitive to — coffee. This mushroom elixir is caffeine-free but has Lion's Mane and Chaga mushrooms in it, providing for remarkably focused mornings (and afternoons)!

Body brush — $16 (use code Lifesprettywild10 for 10% off)

This is a perfect gift for the multitasking-lover in your life because it’s all in one! The Dry Brush from Primally Pure exfoliates, improves blood circulation, energizes, and much, much more. It’s the ultimate at-home spa tool.

ADHD Digital Priority Planner
A digital planner made specifically for ADHD — $11.

If she already has an iPad, consider gifting her a digital planner she can use to make the most of it. If she (or you!) has ADHD, just know that traditional planners… suck. They are impossible to stick with because they are made for neurotypical folks. Discovering the world of digital planners was a godsend for ADHD (read why here!), but even then I felt like something was lacking. So I created my own templates and guided ADHD exercises meant to move women from a lack mentality to a productive powerhouse. You can scoop up my digital planner on sale here.

Primally Pure Everything Spray — $20

Just as its name implies, this spray does it all. For ADHDers, self-care can easily turn into a chore, but not with this. The Everything Spray can be used as a quick and easy underarm refresher after the gym and it’s effective for soothing a variety of inflammatory skin conditions.

The Gratitude journal — $19.99

Normally I go for digital everything because it's so much easier to use, organize, and access, but for certain types of journaling, paper just feels right. This 5-minute gratitude journal is the perfect gift and the perfect part of night-time wind-down routine.

Gratitude is actually scientifically shown to have brain benefits. It boosts the neurotransmitter serotonin and activates the brain stem to produce more dopamine — something ADHDers can't get enough of!

Hope for the flowers — $13

A friend gifted me this book and now I gift it to everyone I know. Trina Paulus' timeless book “Hope For The Flowers” has been in publication for almost 50 years because its message is, well, timeless. It's a children's book and will only take you about 15 minutes to read, but it's replete with wisdom for adults. It's a poignant story about becoming the best version of yourself — and what we'll lose if we don't.

Under $50

Daily harvest gift card — $40+

Give her the gift of pre-prepared healthy meals! I know some people think gift cards are impersonal but I couldn't disagree more. Especially when you gift for a thoughtful, useful gift card like Daily Harvest. She can choose from dozens of options — and all ingredients are 100% organic.

Framed art — $30+

If your lady has ADHD she very likely doesn’t have much art hanging on her walls because choosing the art, choosing the frame, AND putting it all together is very overwhelming. Seriously, check out how many people agreed with me in this viral post. How sweet would it be to get her something already framed?! BONUS bonus points if you hang it up for her, too!

Kion aminos — $49.95

People with ADHD often forget to drink water and end up dehydrated, with dry, itchy eyes, and eternally thirsty. Part of the problem is that water is boring. But not when you add Kion Aminos. One scoop adds all 9 essential amino acids (the building blocks of protein) that support energy production to plain ole water and it tastes delicious.

Beautycounter Renew your body duo — $59 (20-30% off for black friday!)

An AHA body mask — what the what?!

I love this duo because it packs a mean punch. ​​The overnight body peel contains a blend of AHAs that exfoliate and stimulate cell turnover for radiant-looking skin in the morning.

For the perfect AM/PM routine, it’s paired with a Tightening Boost Body Serum. It’s lightweight, absorbs quickly, and is formulated with a tightening complex of glaucine and arctic microalga. It’s a  body serum that helps boost elasticity and tightens skin over time. Her skin will never feel more hydrated and smooth!

Meditation Pillow — $35

For the mindful woman in your life, check out this organic meditation pillow from Amazon. It's a super thoughtful gift that can make a daily routine even more special. Plus, there are dozens of studies that show meditation changes your brain, a huge perk for ADHDers!

adjustable laptop stand — $21.99 (after $5 coupon)

For a more comfortable work experience, consider gifting an adjustable laptop stand!

Beautycounter Good Scents hand cream trio — $34 (20-30% off for black friday!)

These hand creams can be split up into multiple gifts – they break down to less than $11 each. Perfect for stocking stuffers or teacher gifts. I love that these are clean and also the aesthetic lover in me swoons over look and feel of the matte (ethically produced!) tube. It’s a super practical and universally-pleasing gift and something she can throw in her handbag. Tie it together with a bar of chocolate and you’re done!

Minimalist alarm clock — $37 (originally $47)

Starting off the day looking at your phone can trigger stress hormones, which is not ideal if you already have a tough time getting started. I love this minimalist alarm clock for mindful, phone-free mornings.

Palm stone — $32

Also known as a worry stone, this is a more aesthetic — and just as useful — version of a fidget toy. The smooth round edges and weight complement the discreet and portable size and shape.

A CHIC DRY ERASE BOARD — $26+ (50% OFF for black friday!)

Deck her office with boughs of — beautiful dry erase boards!!! Okay that didn't really make sense but omgosh. How pretty is this? Trash (ahem, responsibly recycle) the old, lame dry erase board in favor of this beauty. It comes in a million different sizes, too!


I first discovered Marie Veronique after listening to this podcast with a skincare masterclass with world-renowned holistic skincare expert, Kristina Holey. She not only works for Marie Veronique but recommends it to her private clients for everything from acne to rosacea to dermatitis. This is a unique clean beauty gift she's likely never heard of!

Under $100

The Fossil Fenmore watch is on sale 40% off!
watch — $82+

A beautiful watch is not only useful for ADHD adults, it’s a necessity. Time blindness is a very difficult phenomenon we ADHDers struggle with because we lack the executive function necessary to perceive time passing. No lie, I was gifted a watch for my 25th birthday and haven’t been late to anything since (okay, kinda an exaggeration but it made a HUGE difference). 

bala bangle
Bala Bangles — $55.

These bangles are such a great and thoughtful gift idea because it can have a therapeutic effect on ADHD women. This is not an advertised use for these and it is just my personal opinion, but I believe weighted bangles can have a therapeutic effect. Similar to a weighted blanket, wearing these on her wrists or ankles may help her feel more grounded, which is known to reduce anxiety. These bangles are light enough that she can wear them while working, doing chores, or running errands, basically any time she might feel distracted. If nothing else, it’s a great way to get an arm workout in. 

aha mask beautycounter
a 10-minute miracle! For ADHDers who are always short on time
The AHA Mask from Beautycounter — $96

This mask is ultimate in self-care: it’s useful, it’s clean, and it’s effective. 

This mask is a game-changer. It takes only 10 minutes and, I swear, using it for a few months took 5 years off my face. That’s why I rave about it. It’s made with only clean ingredients (including organic sugar and bamboo), it’s sustainable and made by a certified B Corp, and it’s basically an at-home spa routine in just 10 minutes. 

On the ADHD side, skin picking can be a serious issue, so preventing blemishes is the easiest way I know to nip that in the bud. Seriously, everyone and their mother is obsessed with this mask for good reason. Save 20-30% with their Black Friday sale and check out this link for how to hack this sale to get even more savings. 

Meditation Cushion — $79

Another option for a meditation cushion — the Crystal Cove Oval Meditation Cushion is Climate Neutral and GOTS certified.

Blue light blocking glasses — $140 (Sale! 25% off sitewide)
Beekeeper’s Naturals Hive Pharmacy Travel Kit — $88

Beekeeper’s Naturals Hive Pharmacy Travel Kit is packed with antioxidants and helps promote clarity (always needed for ADHD) and energy all while defending your immune system. It even helps nip jet lag so for all my traveling ladies out there, this is a must.

One of my more recent hyper-fixations was researching the benefits of propolis, which is an ingredient made by bees. Beekeeper’s Naturals is the gold standard when it comes to bee products and when it comes to protecting your health naturally. They not only create top-notch products, but they go to extreme lengths to protect our fuzzy little friends, without which the planet wouldn’t survive. 

Organifi red juice — $69.95

ADHDers often crave sweet things, but too much sugar can exacerbate our symptoms, so what's a girl to do? Enter: Organifi. Their Red Juice is so, so delicious and is rich in vitamin C and prebiotics for digestive support. It can even help fight fatigue, lethargy, and tiredness.

Marie Veronique Vitamin C E Ferulic — $95

Another winner from Marie Veronique — Vitamins C and E are essential for healthy skin, especially as we age.

Under $200

Breda Virgil Gold and Metal Bracelet Watch — originally $169, on sale for $112
watch — $112+

Here are some other gorgeous options for watches! Keep in mind, an analog watch is always going to be better for ADHD folks because digital is too abstract. An analog watch allows you to physically see that time is passing, an important executive functioning skill lacking in ADHDers. 

Kindle Paperwhite — $139

Who needs a bunch of bulky paper books taking up space and creating clutter? Help her go digital with a Kindle Paperwhite and she’ll thank you forever. She can store her entire book collection and use the highlight, dictionary, and search features to make her books more interactive. Plus, there’s no eye strain, it has a super-long battery life, and gives you access to the entire Amazon library, Kindle Unlimited books, and even your public library!

Weighted Blanket$150-$199.

Speaking of anxiety relief, here are my two favorite weighted blankets: the Bearaby Cotton Napper Weighted Blanket is organic cotton, MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX®, Fair Trade Certified, and comes in weights from 10-25 pounds. ($199 on their website.)

Another option is the Baloo blanket ($149 on Amazon), made from non-toxic and natural materials, plant-based dyes, supports children’s charity, carbon-neutral, plastic-free packaging – what more could you ask for?! It also comes in several different weights: 9, 12, 15, 20, and 25 lbs. 

theragun mini
Theragun $199 $179

There’s nothing more distracting than aches and pains and the Theragun is one of our most-used devices to combat this. My husband and I are both really into working out and we’re often sore. This device is like having a massage therapist at home. The Theragun mini is on sale for $179!

avocado pajamas in black
the softest pajamas, ever — $138

ADHD can also come with sensory issues and Avocado pajamas are is the SOFTEST PJs she'll ever own. She’ll wear it night after night (and think of you!). Avocado is a certified B Corp, uses eco-friendly materials, is made in the USA, climate-neutral, and gives back. It’s one of my favorite ethical brands! Plus their PJs don’t pill!

Dry Farm subscription — $171

Perfect for the ADHD person in your life you want to impress. Dry Farm offers a curated selection of organic, biodynamic, low-sugar enough to be keto-friendly, additive-free incredible wines.

Over $200

iPad — $200+

This would be an amazing gift for a close woman in your life: your wife, mom, girlfriend, etc. iPads come in at tons of different sizes and price points so you can definitely find one that’s perfect for your ADHD gal. I can’t speak highly enough about how useful it’s been for my ADHD, my business, and my mental health. They are portable and have a million different uses!

ipad mini
iPad mini on
pink ipad mini amazon
iPad mini on Amazon on sale for $399!
ipad pro
iPad Pro on Amazon $1,099
iPad pro on
Refurbished iPad on sale for $200
Samsung Galaxy Tablet $159 on Amazon
Therasage Personal Sauna — $1,197

Okay so this is on my wish list this year. It’s pricey as heck , but if you’re gifting this to someone special like your wife, you both can use it, wink wink ! I think it’s 100% worth and more than pays for itself in health benefits: detoxification, decreased inflammation, increased circulation, pain relief, calorie burning, better sleep, immune enhancement, mitochondria support and better energy, increased natural nitric oxide and redox molecule production, anti-aging benefits, collagen production, aaaaand cellulite reduction — phew!

Happy gifting, my friends! The lucky lady on your list is sure to swoon over any of these useful, ADHD-friendly ideas.

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