November 25, 2022

ADHD-Friendly Black Friday 2022 Sale Round-Up

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Kiss goodbye to endless to-do lists and start prioritizing what matters most – your self worth.

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Tile keychain — 28% off

Finally keep track of all your stuff!

Loop Earplugs — 25% off

Worth the hype! I recommend “Quiet” for full noise cancelling (when trying to focus or sleep). Or “Engage” when you want to be a part of things but get over-stimulated by noise.

Kindle — 32% off

Get on the digital book train! You won't regret it. So much more convenient, more sustainable than buying paper books, and often cheaper, too.

Athleta — 30% off

For cozy days when you still want to look cute. So soft if texture bothers you. I love supporting this brand because it's a B-Corp!

Life's Pretty Wild Priority Planner — 50% off

A guided ADHD workbook and daily planner created for ADHDers by an ADHDer + educator. Backed by neuroscience and psychology.

Beautycounter — 20-30% off

Made skin-picking a non-issue! A clean brand that transformed by dull, acne-prone skin. I recommend the All Bright C Serum, deodorant, Overnight Resurfacing Peel, and Eye Cream. Lots more of my favorites here.

Kion — $25 gift card with every $100 spent

My favorite clean coffee! No jitters. Organic and screened for mold and mycotoxins. I also love their Aminos — I drink it all day for steady energy and it's wayyy better boring ole water!

Primally pure — 20% off + Free holiday lip balm kit

Another favorite clean beauty brand. For days when ya don't feel like showering: the everything spray, dry shampoo (for dark and light locks!), deodorant, and body butter. Use code BFCM-LIFESPRETTYWILD20 for 20% off

Daily harvest

Pre-made organic meals and smoothies are truly the best gift an ADHDer could ask for!

Bala Bangles — 30% off

The only sale I've been able to find on these! 30% off applied at checkout.

Bon Charge — 25% off

For better sleep, get a pair of science-backed blue light blocking glasses!

Baloo – 30% off

Weighted blankets are the best for calming down anxiety. This one is organic and 30% off!

ipad — 18% off

A steal for Black Friday! An iPad is my ADHD lifesaver, my BFF.

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