A Ridiculously Simple, But Effective Tool for ADHD

“This will only take 20 minutes.” has to be the most used phrase said by people with ADHD. How many times have you wildly under- or overestimated how long something would take? Here’s why: Research shows people with ADHD have an impaired perception of time, which is why we often fail to predict how long […]

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How to Keep Your Family Organized: 5 Tips for ADHD Moms

If you’re a mom with ADHD and have trouble staying organized, you aren’t alone (that’s for dang sure). Research shows that individuals with ADHD may struggle with organizational tasks due to common traits of ADHD, like habitual forgetfulness. However, now that you’re a mom, you can’t really afford to be dropping the ball, especially when […]

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How I Deal With Pre-Travel Anxiety With ADHD

Lots of people feel anxious before traveling; it can be nerve-wracking to leave home, even if you’re going on a much-needed vacation. When you have ADHD though, that anxiety can be magnified for two big reasons: emotional hyperarousal (ADHDers feel stronger emotions than the average person) and the lack of executive functioning needed to prepare […]

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5 Weird Hacks I Use To Improve My Memory

At this very moment, you may be struggling to remember someone’s name. Or that thing you learned from that podcast you listened to last week. Or something about an assignment due next week. Or was it due yesterday? 😬I’ve been there more times than I can remember. If you have ADHD and you feel like […]

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My Top 5 ADHD Productivity Hacks

I used to think the following were productivity hacks: a jam-packed schedule, 60+ hour weeks, making high-stakes decisions daily, and high stress. I couldn’t have been more wrong about all of them. Maybe at one point in time these were markers of high-powered success stories, but in 2023, we now know that’s a high-speed train […]

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Quick, Easy Breakfast Ideas for ADHD Brains

Ah, breakfast. I can’t think of breakfast without picturing that giant Frosted Flakes tiger smiling at me – call me indoctrinated. But we’re not gonna be talking about him, we’re gonna be talking about ADHD-friendly breakfasts. Because if you’re going to eat breakfast, you gotta make it a good one. Otherwise you probably are better […]

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10 Time-Saving Beauty Tips You Need To Try Right Now

When it comes to getting ready in the morning, I have several things working against me: ADHD, toddlers. Let me just stop right there. I should really get an award anytime I show up to anything on time because, I mean, c’mon. That’s why it’s incredibly useful to have a lightning speed get-ready routine in […]

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How to Drink More Water With These 12 Not-Boring, Easy Drink Recipes

If you have ADHD, you most likely struggle to drink enough water. Here’s one way to fix that: make it not-boring with these 9 easy water-based drink recipes. Read below for more water tips and tricks! Why is water important for ADHD? Our brains are 85% water, and so they depend on adequate water to […]

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