You Clicked “Learn More About ADHD”

Hey, now, hey, now.

Thank you so much for participating in the survey! Your feedback truly impacts what I do and how I do it.

You clicked that you wanted to learn more about how ADHD impacts your life. Way to be proactive 🫶🏼 Understanding what ADHD is, where it comes from, and how to harness it is the key to thriving, rather than just putting up with it in your life.

I'm working on a tonnnnnn more resources to help you understand how the ADHD brain works, but here's what I got available for you to binge right now:

The Priority Planner

The Priority Planner — designed specifically for ADHD brains and rooted in neuroscience and psychology. Even if you don't need a new planner (girl, I totally get it), this includes a workbook of over 180 pages of digestible brain science and exercises designed to move you from limiting subconscious beliefs and disorganization to high self-worth and clarity. It includes two designed options (both with the exact same content) for you to choose from because I'm Extra™.

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Short-Form Video

You probably found me through my social media but may not have dug deep into the archives. Here are some videos where I explain how the ADHD brain works:

My Book Reco's

These books completely changed the way I view and manage my ADHD. I highly recommend them!

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