You Clicked “Group Coaching”

It's in the works, chica!

This is actually my bread and butter. If you're not already on it, you can join the waitlist for The Life Edit course here.

I'm currently hard at work developing a course for ADHD moms looking to uplevel every area of their life: physical, emotional, spiritual, career, home, social… all of it! I'm shooting for a late spring/early summer launch. It will be a combination of self-study (think short, 5-10 minute videos you can binge in the school pick-up line) and live group coaching where we can talk about all the ADHD things going on in your life and you can lean on the support of other women in your shoes.

Because I don't know if you heard the good news yet, but um, we ladies can get each other through anything. We just need a little support. I gotchu.

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