ADHD Tips and Strategies to End the Toxic Hustle Trap

End the Toxic Hustle Trap

Oh, hi! I'm Ana

ADHD advocate & content creator

Hi! I’m Ana, I’m a mom of two and former middle school teacher turned ADHD content creator.

I was diagnosed at 19 and after a decade of struggling to accept my ADHD, I finally started digging into the causes and solutions to ADHD success. That's what this blog is all about! I'm a science nerd and wellness junkie who loves pushing boundaries and will bring you real, actionable tips, because, well, I live it! No hard-to-follow mumbo-jumbo.

Pssst, you'll also find a lot of eccentric and uncommon ADHD tips not seen anywhere else — like “Whats the Best Halloween Candy for ADHD?” and “Does Wearing Running Sneakers in the House Make you More Productive?” I like to keep things weird!

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